Gratitude and Holiday Wishes!

Gratitude changes everything - handwriting on a napkin with a cup of espresso coffee

As you gather with your loved ones for the holidays, savor the laughter, the love and the warm place to land, feel gratitude.

And it is with gratitude that the Inner Voice family extends the warmest of wishes for a holiday season and a new year.  We thank you for your support throughout the year and for never forgetting those less fortunate.  We accomplished a great deal this year at Inner Voice, and have big plans for 2018 to continue with our mission.

Please watch your email and this page for our end of the year recap, and when you’re feeling that gratitude to be surrounded by those you love, and that warm roof over your head, please remember those less fortunate that we serve on a daily basis.  Because everyone deserves “A Place To Call Home”.  Whether it’s a donation of support or an end of the year donation, please know that we appreciate you and wish you a wonderful 2018.  You can click here to make a donation, if you are able. Thank you and Happy Holidays!