About Inner Voice:

Mission Statement

Inner Voice supports socially and economically disadvantaged persons in their quest to obtain self-reliance and a place to call home.

Tragically, in the two decades since Inner Voice was founded, the problem of homelessness in Chicago has grown exponentially.

There are many causes to point to: the dearth of affordable housing, the decrease in public housing for families with no income, the increasing competition for the ever-diminishing number of jobs for entry-level workers, the growing number of homeless veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq, etc.

Yet, there is one constant: the commitment of Inner Voice to serve all Chicagoans who need shelter. "Ubuntu", a South African word, and the name of one of Inner Voice's newest family shelters, expresses this commitment: Ubuntu means humanity towards others, recognizing the value in all human beings, and understanding that an affront against one is an affront against all. And the most basic affront is the lack of food and shelter.

Inner Voice is dedicated to ending homelessness in Chicago and will continue to serve homeless Chicagoans until it fulfills its mission.